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Total Rewards for Tech Professionals in a Digital World

Save the Date: March 26, 2020 Location: Aetna Headquarters, Hartford CT

CTRA and SMA are pleased to announce the date for our joint event which will explore the challenges and trends in attracting and retaining a technology workforce in today's highly competitive labor market. On March 26th at the Aetna headquarters in Hartford, we will present Total Rewards for Tech Professionals in a Digital World presented by David Foote. Please hold the date for this morning seminar and keep an eye out for further event details which will be provided in the next several days.

This session is a master class in how to define, pay and reward tech professionals in the volatile world of disruptive technologies, constant tech skills deficits, and accelerating pace of change. You will learn about innovative compensation and total rewards practices that are demonstrating astonishing effectiveness; review U.S. salary, total cash compensation, and skills pay survey benchmarks for critical technology jobs and skills; receive an up-to-date tech skills market analysis of more than 1,100 certified and non-certified tech skills at more than 3,500 employers in the U.S. and Canada.

Five key questions will be answered:


Trends: What is trending right now in compensation and total rewards for hot tech jobs, skills, and certifications driven by disruptive tech growth?

Pay: What are the *real* market level salaries and skills/certifications pay premiums for selected tech jobs, skills, and certifications in A.I./Machine Learning; Internet of Everything; Blockchain; Big Data Analytics; Cybersecurity; Cloud; Mobile; Digital Product Development and other disruptors? (data from 3,500 employers in Foote Partners' 2020 IT Professional Salary Survey and 2020 IT Skills and Certifications Pay IndexTM)

Analysis: What's the latest in market pay and supply/demand gaps for 1,100 tech related certified and noncertified skills at 3,500 U.S. employers.

Solutions: What framework has had the most success in documenting and equalizing jobs across the enterprise and correcting problems in paying, rewarding and repairing tech job inconsistencies and skills gaps?

Forecasts: What tech jobs and skills that will be most in demand as this digital-intensive environment evolves over the next 3 years? What should employers be doing right now to prepare for compensation and total rewards during the disruptive technology evolution?

Speaker Biogprahy:


David Foote, Chief Analyst at Foote Partners since 1997, is a tech labor trends benchmark research pioneer and one of the most quoted industry authorities on global technology workforce evolution. After building his reputation at Gartner and several Silicon Valley companies, he has spent more than two decades introducing groundbreaking data-driven HR and technology benchmark research and analysis techniques focused on tech/business cross-skilling and management, while also innovating industry practices for more accurate compensation benchmarking and tracking/forecasting tech skills supply and demand.

Further details of this March 26th morning event at Aetna's headquarters in Hartford, along with registration details, will be provided later this month. We hope you can join us.